A loan to build a house.

The bank is generally known for receiving funds through deposits made by their customers. On the other hand, it also makes funds available to these same customers, through bank loans. Indeed, the majority of people, individually or as a legal person, (SCI or others) have recourse to a bank loan to finance their projects. It is noticed that most of the house construction projects are financed by a mortgage.

The objective? Persuade the bank to grant this mortgage.

A task that remains easy at first glance, but subject to fulfilling all the conditions to be satisfied to obtain it.

In other words, this is not impossible and we will see how to achieve this goal.

Real estate credit and the banking system

Real estate credit and the banking system

Today, the bank is adopting a new strategy with its customers. Indeed, the latter tries to seduce the client through mortgage loans. It is clear that if the borrower’s file respects the basic rules of financing, it will most likely succeed. Even better, he may have the opportunity to get good credit.

Good credit, how to define it? It is a loan with a high interest rate, a monthly repayment adapted to the borrower’s situation, effective and economical insurance, and the least expensive loan guarantees. Despite its desire to finance construction projects, the bank still wants to limit the risk of default. Thus, the borrower is advised to show himself on his best economic profile, by proving that he can keep his commitments throughout the duration of the credit.

The bank may agree to partially finance the project, or all of it. To obtain this loan, the presentation of a solid file is essential. The bank is also looking into the ability to repay the credit. It obviously takes into account the professional situation of the borrower, and also the good maintenance of the bank account.

Don’t be surprised if you learn that the bank is interested in your project. It ensures the reliability of it, what could be more normal!

For information, the bank hardly considers self-construction projects.

For the interest of the future buyer, the consultation of several loan organizations is recommended. It is always advantageous to be able to choose several competitive offers. In addition, it is important not to hesitate to learn more and behave like a good informed borrower.

The credit broker: a good project partner

The credit broker: a good project partner

Getting started with the bank to find your credit is not easy for most investors. Fortunately, you can go to a credit broker.

Who is a credit broker? It is a professional responsible for finding the most advantageous loans on behalf of his client whether he is a professional or an individual. Because of his experience, the credit broker has mastery of his trade.

It is in fact a mediator between the bank and the client.

His expertise led him to be informed of the different loan offers offered by banks and borrowing techniques. He can thus avoid his client wasting his time. To judge its effectiveness, we must refer to its ability to validate a file for obtaining the loan with the best possible conditions. The intervention of a credit broker is requested because he can speak on behalf of the client.

At Immofinances.net, you will surely find the best credit broker who could support you in the success of your project. Not only can the latter help you, but you will have the assurance that the file will be validated and this, as soon as possible to make your home construction project a reality.

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